John Deere Dream Come True

Sometime this summer, my son developed a love – nay- an infatuation with John Deere tractors. He loves them and everything about them. This delighted us for many reasons, but one being that Stephen drives a John Deere tractor in the winter to plow snow for a family friend of ours.


Today we were able to watch my Ethan gaze in unbelief as his daddy pulls up and starts plowing our driveway with a John. Deere. Tractor. 

And then came the question that I knew the answer to immediately:

“Do you want to go look at it with Daddy?”


I couldn’t get him dressed fast enough. He was out the door with Stephen and in the tractor lickety split!

I think these pictures tell the rest of the story…

(I will apologize for the quality of the pictures. Photography is not a strong suit of mine.)

Stephen patiently showing him the ropes.

Do you see the look of sheer joy on his face? He’s raising the plow.


And, of course, all good things must come to an end. I am the cruel parent that captures those moments too. 

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