15 Minutes

It is a very unusual thing for our family to be on time for any appointment. To be early is a statistical anomaly. It isn’t that we don’t try to be early… we really do. But the inevitable always happens. There is one child who is forgotten, and the are not even dressed for the day. Usually one of the youngers who cannot get themselves entirely ready. It is getting better, but we still need improvement.

Guess who normally comes in last place for getting ready? That’s right, me. Because I am busy getting everyone else ready. I am always the last-ish one ready for church. Usually, I bring my makeup and do it in the car. But it is truly because I have four children to get ready in some capacity.

From time to time I will do the following: I get all the children ready. Dressed, jacketed, and strapped in the car. I turn on a DVD in our van and run inside for a few minutes to either get myself ready or do a quick pick-up of the house. Judge me if you want, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Today I had 15 minutes. The kids were strapped in the van, watching “What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver,” and contented. I was still in my pajamas. So here’s what I did with my 15 minutes before we had to be gone:

Run upstairs. Put my contacts in. Get jeans on, and a shirt off the floor. Has a little something on it, so I get a scarf to cover it. Shoes. Grab cell phone and run downstairs. (Picking up odds and ends as I go) Brush teeth. Deodorant. Wipe face down and get sleepies out of eyes. Eyeliner, mascara and powder. Curl hair. Joush (Is that how you spell it?). Lip balm. Purse and bag ‘o errands. Jacket. Out the door.

“Wow, Mom, that only took you 14 minutes.”

I felt and looked like a completely different person. As I drove down the street, I giggled at the thought that we moms often jump through many hoops and neglect many things (like showers) to make it to places on time. We feel completely rushed and falling apart. We often stare at each other and think, “Wow, that mom has it together.” That  mom is probably thinking the same thing of us, and little do we all know that each of us is rushed to get out the door, unable to properly get ready due to time constraints.

In the end, though, we should not feel silly or inadequate. We do important things. Today, I had only 15 minutes because I had to get my little girl in to the dentist to get a tooth fix that was in a lot of pain. We do what little we do to get ourselves ready for the day, we make do with what we have in a pinch, and do things in public that may look ridiculous to strangers around us because we have a high calling: motherhood.

So what is an absolute necessity when you are strapped for time to get ready? What do you do when you only have 15 minutes?

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