Our Trials – God’s Plans

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof….

Let me tell you, I never try to imagine what will happen tomorrow. If I have learned one thing over the years, over my younger years and now the middle years, it is this: God’s plans always happen… mine? Not so much.

God’s plans are always better too.

I say that, after having a very trying morning. Over a TV. I hate saying those words, they show how superficial and consumeristic I really am. I would love to not have a TV because I know how much of our lives it takes up. And it’s embarrassing. But it is a necessary evil in this house for many reasons. School being one of them. My hygiene being another…. but anyways.

Our TV went on the fritz last night. Called tech support. Can’t fix it, but they will send us a new one… oh, and do we have the receipt?


Thus proceeded the search. And the “I thought you had it.” “No, I never handled it.” “If you hadn’t….” “You shouldn’t have….” All over a piece of paper. For a TV.

And the internal discussion started. Ugly thoughts. About myself. About others.

Then came the pause… the realization that this was part of God’s plan for today. The bickering? Not in His perfect will, but that is the funny thing about God: He will use our own sinful attitudes to make us aware. And I became all too aware.

Aware of the fact that Satan wants me to think poorly of others. Of myself.

Aware of the anger that can fester in my heart if left unwatched.

Aware of the mess that sin does to the mind.

Aware of how my inward toil can affect those around me.

Here’s the wonder of it all. I can confess and forsake what I was harboring and start over. Trusting the Lord will do whatever is best. TV or not, it is all okay with me. Mistakes were made and learned from. I can press on.

So I spent the rest of the day, after getting the TV matter resolved (happily), with my children. Playing. Reading. Shopping. Eating treats. Slowing down and taking in how blessed I am.

And I share this muddled description for this reason: even in the midst of a day where everything seems to be going wrong, you’ve been wronged, you’ve wronged others, whatever it is – we can start over by God’s grace. Nothing that happened today, good or bad, surprised Him. He may even have intended it to teach a lesson. Stop and take it in. Ask the Lord what He wants you to learn or do about the situations you face, and leave your day in His ever capable hands.

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