Living in the Light of the Cross

How can I blog about Christmas, cheese and my children if I don’t bring up the cross?

I can’t. I just can’t.

You see, who I am today is because of Christ’s sacrifice almost 2,000 years ago. It is a historic, documented fact. He did nothing wrong except speak the Words of God. Christ was crucified for being who He was and is: the Son of God.

Christ was crucified like a common criminal. He was situated between two thieves. He took the place of a murderer. Incidentally, He also took the place of the liar, the adulteress, the embittered, the drug-user, and more. He took my punishment – what I deserve for my sins. Internal sins. He knew what would be in my heart that never was acted upon, but entertained in mind alone. And external sins. The most heinous thing I have done, the most cruel treatment I have shown to mankind or to God Himself – Christ knew about that too. Nothing was hid from His eyes. Still, He was no common criminal: He was pure and holy and everything God intended man to be. He was and is the Son of God.

Christ was the ultimate Sacrifice. He never defended Himself, but took the cruelty. It was God’s plan, and Jesus was willing to obey God’s will to the letter. He knew before He was even apprehended the horrors He would face. Yet with that knowledge Christ went forward with His Father’s plan – for you and for me. Because He was and is the obedient Son of God.

We can never focus too much on or internalize too much the cross. It was intended for us, yet Christ took it all on Him. Because He wanted us to have fellowship with the Father, and we could never have that without His sacrifice. All we have to “do” is claim that sacrifice… to say to God “I am now trusting in what Christ did on that cross to give me peace with You.”

The cross doesn’t just give us an open door for fellowship with God, but it pictures how we ought to live as well.

Obediently. Selflessly. Forgivingly. Sacrificially. Lovingly. Peacefully. Patiently.

There’s so, so, so much more that can be seen in Jesus’ death… I’ve hardly scratched the surface. And Jesus did all these things so radically – to the point of death.
He was obedient to the point of death.
He was selfless  to the point of death.
He was forgiving to the point of death.
He sacrificed to the point of death.
He loved to the point of death.
He was peaceful to the point of death.
He was patient to the point of death.
He was…. to the point of death.

Jesus gave this challenge to us when He said this:
If anyone will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” Luke 9:23

How can we live in the light of the cross? The possibilities are endless!

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