About my sister…

I really hope this post shows up on google search. Especially if you type “Christin Ohman” into the search field.

Cause today I am going to tell you about her: she’s my sister.

Christin and I have been friends since she was born. For the most part. There was the time(s) when I left the baby gate open and she fell down the stairs. And I woke her up for trick-or-treating dressed like a witch and scared her. A few catfights… you know, normal sibling stuff.

We would spend whole days playing barbies and dress up. We played with the neighborhood kids together. Walked to school (and rode the bus) together. Took care of our baby brother together. Made scrunchies together. Dated together. Moved together. Traveled abroad together. Stood together as we married our other best friends. She was better than any roommate I have ever had- and I have had great roommates.

The thing about sisters is that they understand where the other is coming from. You were raised in the same home by the same parents. And have many of the same life experiences. I can tell Christin things that I could not tell anyone else because they just wouldn’t understand or get the tone I meant it in. She used to go with me to get my haircut because she knew what I wanted done and how to explain it. She has been my biggest cheerleader.

Christin lives 8 hours away now. Yet, we still talk often on the phone, usually starting with “Guess what (insert child’s name) did today?” Or “I need you to tell me your honest opinion…” A conversation with my sister is like a vacation… like a trip back to our younger years. When we are together, it is like life is finally back to rights. Leaving is always hard. Not having her a part of my life everyday is still weird all these years later.

On top of our relationship, she is a “sister” to so many other people. And because she is such a friendly, sweet, giving, Christ-following person how can I not share her with others. She is excellent at building relationships with anyone. She is super creative. Refreshingly honest. Firm in her faith. She’s not perfect – I’ll throw that in there for anyone who thinks this post is worshiping her… it’s not. I know a lot about her. She is at home what she is out and about. Usually you look up to your older sister, but in this case I look up to my younger sister. (I don’t have an older sister though… never mind.)

Having a sister can be like having a built-in, ultimate best friend. I am so blessed to have that in my sister.

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