A Spiritual Scrubbing

Have you ever had to counsel yourself? I know I have to. A lot. Last night was no exception. I knew it was coming. I knew that the testing of my faith was on its full-blown way, and oh! How I dread when I perceive it is coming.

You see, this has been a time of material blessing for me. It doesn’t happen often. I was able to buy a new sewing machine. That’s a big deal for me. What’s more, my birthday just passed, and my dear husband bought me an iPad, which is fantastic. But that is not all! I recently had a Thirty-One party and acquired some new things for being a hostess. The girls had a birthday bash too. A well-known sewing business had their annual blowout sale, where I typically make most of my sewing project purchases for the year. Yeah. A lot of stuff, as you can imagine.

With an abundance of blessing can come an expectation for more. And comparison is indeed the thief of joy. And I just knew that with all these purchases and presents that discontentment was right around the corner. I did not want it to happen. But it came just the same. Last night.

There is always someone out there who has more than us. Who is better at something than us. Who is in a better situation than us. And last night the reality of those truths came to light in an unassuming way. Awkward moments mixed with others’ blessings became a breaking point for me. It shouldn’t have been, but it was just the same.

My house is too small. I am not sure I am where I should be. Everything is a mess in my house and life. And it didn’t help that my own home was a hot mess, literally. My waistline isn’t shrinking. My husband isn’t reading my mind and helping right at this moment and my children are not obeying. But, why should they? I am not a great mother in the first place. Were we really following the Lord’s leading, or were we fooling ourselves? Cause things stink right now

All these thoughts were attacking me last night. I didn’t ask for them. So as I looked around the messy house I decided to get on my knees. And scrub.

Cleaning can be a spiritual thing. Really. As I scrubbed my nasty kitchen floor, I started thanking God for everything and anything that came to mind. My small house. My ability to clean the floor on my hands and knees. (It is not always possible for me.) The reason the floor was filthy: my kids. An easy to clean floor. The smell of lemon Lysol and the satisfaction that came watching that bucket of water turn brown. 

Then I started recalling scripture. The fact that I have just been reading and being impressed by how dissatisfied the Israelites were with God and His provision and His leading. How they never learned from it until something horrible happened. I recalled the words of a song I had heard recently:  “Satan would sift you and would seek to steal your joy.” 

I resolved to not let that happen. We let him steal our joy way too often. 

Let your conversation be without covetousness; 
and be content with such things as ye have: 
for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee
Hebrews 13:5

 I have a lot to be content with… And besides, the presence of the Lord, isn’t that more than enough? 

But godliness with contentment is great gain.  
1 Timothy 6:6

 I would rather be godly than get everything I want.  

Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned,
in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.  
Philippians 4:11

Contentment has a learning curve. I can beat myself up for getting to this point, but I am in the midst of learning to be content.  Besides, in basic needs, I lack nothing. There are many people world over who cannot say that. 

As I scrubbed the floor, and the doubts and complaints welled, scripture supernaturally combated it all. I couldn’t have come up with it on my own… It was God speaking His words to my soul. And after I dumped that bucket of disgusting water, it seemed like the disgusting thought that had been soiling my mind went as well.

God’s Word is the best cleanser there is for our soul. For those moments when the grime builds up and we need a serious scrubbing. But, we have to pull the bottle off the shelf. That’s why knowing God’s Word is so important. For times like this…. where we need mental and spiritual cleansing.

So I am going to battle the urge to be discontent. Hard. I don’t want my joy stolen from me. Isn’t it funny when we loathe the material because of what it does to the spiritual?

Having a hard day? Need a little personal revival? I highly recommend getting on your knees… And scrub while you pray.

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  1. {Kathy} This type of spiritual reflection reminds me of how big our faith can be–even during times of blessing. Your insight to the feeling that with these gifts comes disappointment is right on. Waiting for the other shoe to drop becomes a weapon of our enemy, not from God. Thank you for the "clean" advice, too!

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