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It’s been awhile since I have given a resource update. You know, where I point out things that have been a blessing to me. Well, since last year I think I have discovered more things that you will enjoy.

So without further ado….

Since I have now joined the tablet crowd, I have been amazed at what I can find. For free. Cause I am cheap like that. But the neatest one, on a spiritual note, besides the Bible ( lots of qualifiers, I know) is the One Thousand gifts app. You know Ann Voskamp’s beautiful book about gratitude? You should read it, if you never have. And THEN you should start journaling God’s gifts to you. The app is a way to journal, but you can add pictures and make it a photo journal. This app also gives quotes from the book to share with friends, direct links to Ann’s twitter and blog and more!

Grab My Button

Very recently I found this site from this site. Both of which I highly recommend. When You Rise is written by two moms who have a passion for the Lord and teaching Him to their kids. I have just started digging into their stuff, but it’s very helpful… Things like “explaining grace to a small child.” yes! I need that kinda wisdom, don’t you?

The other site there is Gracefull Mama. Joy is a missionary wife, living in Indonesia with her pilot husband and five children. She has a desire to encourage moms to raise their kids truly for the Lord. Her blog is honest, which I love. The beautiful pictures help too… But her site is filled with scriptural wisdom that is sure to fix your eyes on the Lord. I know how hard that is with four small kids in the house…. 

Moving on.

What's in the Bible?

Something for the kids. Have I mentioned What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver ever? It is great. Phil Vischer, the guy from Veggie Tales, has branched out to start this new venture which takes kids through the Bible.  He uses puppets and animation to present the stories and themes of the Bible in a fun way. I’ll tell you what, I went to Bible college for four years-ish and there is stuff I learn on this series. My kids love it as well. He is not afraid to use big words and explain confusing concepts either. You can check it out at

And then for the creative side…. It is good to be creative. I love to sew. And write. And cook. ANYWAYS. Make It and Love It is another blog done by a mom to three little ones. She is a fantastic sewer, but she does other projects as well. If you have ever thought, “I wish I could sew”, this is the site for you. Tons of step-by-step tutorials and shortcuts that will make you a confident and adventurous sewer or crafter in no time. I will admit, her site is quite addicting. Just ask my sister, who still cringes when I mention the site because it has her sucked in.  You’ll be glad you stopped in. Her shiring tutorial changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but really, it is amazing.

So now I have given you some things to look at on a lazy summer afternoon… you are welcome!

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