A Focused Remnant

I just finished up reading about Israel’s wilderness wanderings. There are so so many things to be learned from reading their account. We are a lot like those Israelites, aren’t we?

One thing that stuck out to me in Deuteronomy is one particular warning:
Basically God tells Moses, who tells the Israelites, that He will bless them abundantly… And then they will forget about Him. 
How sad. 
How loving. 
God knew that the Israelites would not keep the law, He knew that His blessings would be the reason that they would fall.
Yet He, in His nature, is the Giver of every good and perfect gift. Get that? His gifts are always good, always needful and always right for us. We, as the receivers, can abuse those gifts. We can have the wrong perspective on them. Our weak nature develops the “gimmes” oh so easily. Our focus turned from the reason for the gift and more on the gift itself.
God doesn’t just want us to enjoy His blessings. He wants us to enjoy the Source of blessings. He wants us to enjoy Him. 
Some of the sweetest, enduring friendships that I have are ones where we require nothing of each other. Sure, they loan me things. I loan them things. We help each other. We give each other presents for birthdays and such. But just to be in one another’s company is enough. We enjoy the mere presence of the friend. 
I think that is how God wants our relationship with Him to be: a delight at His mere presence. His blessings? Beautiful icing on the cake, meant to keep me close to Him if I let them. Prayer? Simply talking to my Greatest Friend. Sharing the things of my heart with the One who understands it most.
When we reflect everything back to God, we are being less like the Israelites. Remember, there will always be a remnant that remembers and gives credit to God, that sees the gifts of life and looks up at the Creator and Giver and blesses Him.
I want to be that person, part of that remnant. Don’t you?

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