Numbering Days

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. 
~Psalm 90:12

Most days, I feel like I am doing this parenting thing all wrong. I do not know what I am doing, and this is my first and only time to do this – to raise children. 

Am I loving them enough? Do I pray sufficiently for them? Are they learning the things they need to know as adults? Are they having the best childhood they can have?
And then comes the moment. I wasn’t expecting it, because we were having a heart to heart about something completely different. But my dear girl, my firstborn, just broke down in sobs.
“In five years, I will be 13. I don’t want to be a teenager. I just want to stay a kid forever.”
The reality sunk in for her. Life will not always be as it is. And it broke my heart to see her heart breaking for her fleeting childhood. Those carefree days of lemonade stands and playing with friends and swimming. Enjoying life without reserve. 
I remember times I felt that way as a child. I remember wanting days to never end and life to always be as it was. 
But I had a fantastic childhood. And that is why I didn’t want it to end. Part of that is due to my parents, and the life they provided for me. Which brings me back to my first sentence… I must be doing something right. 
My child loves her life. I am in charge of what she does and does not do. I realize that my job is not to entertain her, but I do want her childhood memories to be sweet. And apparently she already treasures them. 
So I held my precious little girl close. I told her I understand. I told her to enjoy each and every day and not to worry about the future. And as my heart aches for the passing of years in each of my children’s lives, I cannot help but be comforted in the truth, the absolute truth that God holds their futures in His perfect Hands, and I can rest easy knowing that He will do what is best for each of them.
With a sigh, I let her go. She is asleep right now. What will happen tomorrow in her world, I do not know. But I will love her and do my utmost to provide a sweet, blessed childhood for her. I will do my part to fill her childhood with beautiful memories. 

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