Why You Need a Hobby…

“I just don’t know how you do it all.” 

I hear this a lot. Yes, I do have four kids. I still don’t know why people think that is a huge number. I know a lot of people with more kids than that. Anyways. Yes, I do blog. It is a sporadic thing at best. Yes, I sew. Yes, I cook. yes, I homeschool. Yes I read and garden and….
I have hobbies. 
There are lots of women out there that say, “If I just had the time, I would love to…” 
I am submitting today that you need to make time to.
We are so tightly wound, strung up, stressed out as Americans. Instead of unwinding, we just pull tighter when we sit and watch the news or work, work, work until we drop. Hobbies give us a task that we enjoy and helps us to relax while doing it. It opens up our creativity and imagination…. Something that is horribly lacking these days.
So, I do not have time for everything I do recreationally-but I make time for it… For a few reasons.
It is productive. Sewing, knitting, scrap booking, writing, sports, whatever you are in to is a productive thing. When I sew, I am making something for someone to wear or use. That is useful. Making a card to brighten someone else’s day? That is useful too! If you think about it, most any hobby we can come up with is useful to those around us. Except tv watching. It is really only useful to yourself.
Hobbies are also productive because they give us something to look forward to. If I finish my to-do list, I can write or sew or whatever. We do good work in a timely way so we can do what we really want.
It is teachable time. Creativity starts in the home. So many kids know nothing about how clothes are made, food is produced, etc. They learn from us. Oh, they don’t have to be great at it. They may not even have the same hobby you have. But it is good for them to learn to be creative, to use that part of their brain. It helps kids to know that adults can still have fun and do enjoyable things. Besides, I will always live by the assertion that God is a God of beauty and creativity and His most cherished creation ought to reflect those attributes. So your little ones do not necessarily need to be excluded from your hobbies… They can learn from them.
It is an outlet. We all know that life is hard. Frustrations come at us every day and often unexpectedly. Thoughts and emotions well up inside. Even Jesus had to get away from the masses and rest awhile. Hobbies give us a constructive outlet for all those issues. Do they become the issue sometimes? Sure. But I can step away and come back to the problem with my project later. Or I can use my mind to solve the problem on the spot, knowing it is just a hobby. No pressure. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard moms tell me that sitting down at the piano and just playing reduces their stress level. I do not play well, but even my two-finger plunking is often what my soul needed. Sometimes we need to work on something that is out of the ordinary because doing the same thing everyday can make us crazy. You know what I mean. Laundry. Dishes. Picking up. Errands. Cooking. A lot of the same thing everyday. I can pull out my sewing machine and BAM! I am doing something different. 
It is a good example of Proverbs 31. She made things with her hands. She even sold them! And what is more, her craft kept her from “eating the bread of idleness”. And that woman is, of course, the standard that serious Christ-following women want to be like. So if for no other reason, the Proverbs 31 woman had “hobbies”, and we should too.
Those are only a few reasons why I have hobbies… Can you think of any other reasons? If so, share them in the comments!

One thought on “Why You Need a Hobby…

  1. I like your post. It is good for kids to learn the ins and outs of life. I was blessed to grow up in a home with gardening, canning, baking, sewing, and helping with chores. I loved going to my grandmother's house to help her do just about anything, including dusting, mopping, cleaning out cupboards, and putting on a feast for friends and family.

    Love, Mom F.

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