The ABCs of Me.

It’s wonderful when you feel like someone really knows you well. And it isn’t wonderful when someone you thought knew you well really doesn’t. Or when you are surrounded by people who do not know you well… It is uncomfortable, is it not?

I just saw a lady write an a to z list about herself on her blog, and I thought, “This would be fun…and you could get to know me better!” (If you would like to do your own, I would love to read it!) 
So here goes!
A- Author. I would love to be one, but am waiting on God’s timing.
B- British costume dramas. I would watch them over anything else, anyday of the week.
C- Coffee. I wouldn’t call myself an addict, but I do enjoy a good cup of doctored up joe in the morning.
D- Dishes. Like eating off them, but don’t like doing them.
E- Eclectic. That would describe both the way I think and my home decor. And colorful… That too.
F- Four. (+3 since this post was published) The number of children we have. Three girls and my baby boy! (He’s not a baby anymore though.)
G- Grandparents. I love mine. They are amazing…
H- Homeschooling. We do it. But you already knew that.
I- Ireland. My favorite country and the place I met my husband, Stephen. Hoping the Lord allows us to go back someday…
J- Jesus. I know it is cliche, but He is my foundation, and the legacy I want to leave behind. 
K- Kritters. Not a big fan, but they love our house and yard. I have so many stories…
L- Laughter. I like to laugh and like to make people laugh. 
M- Mexican food. Favorite. Even over Italian. Chipotle, anyone?
N- Neighbor kids. They are over all the time. 
O- Organization. An unreached but often strived for goal.
P- Patience. Probably my biggest struggle.
Q- Quilts. I love them, especially just plain old patchwork ones. Just started into making them.
R- Routine. We have it in our own little way, but it does not fit into our lives well.
S-Signs. My family’s business. Been looking at signs with my dad since I was a teenager. My husband caught the passion too, so now we are talking second and third generations…
T- Tozer. My favorite Christian author. He could say more in one little book than most people say in a lifetime.
U- Unique. Not me, but I love unique things and ideas.
V- Vintage. Went to school for history. Love it, love vintage things too. But my kids are little and break things easily.
W- Wisconsin. My home state. I love this place!
X- eXamine. I am constantly examining myself mentally and spiritually. I usually don’t like what I find…
Y- Yes. Something I want to say more often to my kids, but the “nos” are more needed at this point.
Z- Zippers. Having problems closing them, so I am trying to lose some weight.
But enough about me. What about you? I’d love you to list some abc’s about yourself below!

2 thoughts on “The ABCs of Me.

  1. I love this and will have to add this to my blogging "to-do's". Which reminds me, I completely forgot to take a picture of all of the precious diapers hanging yesterday. Oh, lucky me…it will happen again tomorrow or the day after!!!

  2. I know! I saw them when I came to get my escapee and thought they would make a cute pic. Perfect symmetry. I was thinking the ABC game would be a good ice breaker too for gatherings…

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