Eternity. Now.

“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God…” ~ Matthew 6:33a

It was the beginning of His earthly ministry. Christ had grown from a baby to a man. He had discussed matters with the priests in the Holy Temple at Jerusalem. He had been tempted by Satan and won. His Father had put His blessing on His ministry, after His baptism. He had picked his disciples.
And now, He is going to start talking. The first of His words to be recorded for eternity begin here. The Sermon on the Mount. The Son of God, directed from Heaven, the Creator opens his mouth and speaks to His creation.
I don’t think we fully drink that in. This cosmic event ought to be treasured more than any earthly speech that has ever moved us. This was God in flesh talking to mankind and telling them what they needed to know. He had been watching over us for thousands of years, and these were the first things He wanted to address.
I wonder what things He will tell us at His second coming.
He begins with blessing. He states that the humble, the merciful, the grieving, the meek, the pure in heart, the peaceful, the persecuted, the hungry are  happy. That’s right, happy. That is what it means to be blessed, to be happy. 
But, how can you be happy when you are grieving? When you are desiring to do the right thing, yet you are slandered for it? 
It cannot happen in ourselves without the Lord. He promises happiness, so we need to take it. We need to look past the temporal, the here-and-now of it all, and see the eternal. Just like Christ did. He sees the earthly realm and the heavenly realm all at once, so He could say these things honestly, because He has the best perspective. 
The humble are happy. Why? Because their portion is the kingdom of God. Eternal, not temporal. 
The merciful are happy. Why? Because they themselves have and do receive mercy from God. Eternal, not temporal. 
If we would look past the circumstances in our present time and see the impact on eternity, on that which does not end, it seems more worth it, doesn’t it?


Tozer tells us, “But we must avoid the common fault of pushing the “other world” into the future. It is not future, but present.”
The reality is this: God’s will is being done in Heaven, and He does it on earth too. There is another world that we are a part of, even now. It is an active place and a place that is aware of all that is going on here on earth. Its Ruler knows all that goes on in both domains.
The things going on in our lives, the attitudes we choose to exhibit in our trials have an impact in eternity present and eternity future. The truths of the Beatitudes, the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, are real. They can, and should, change how we view our responsibilities as wives and mothers. 
Is our child-rearing meant to be a temporary fix, or an eternal project? I think that the Beatitudes are an essential for moms. Humility, peacemaking, mercy, hungering for righteousness…. We need these. We need to live them and instill them in our kids because souls are eternal and eternity is indeed what matters most.

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