A Month of Thanksgiving ~ Day 5

  Our Christmas Tree is not the only tree that goes up in our home in the course of the year. No, starting last year, we started the tradition of a Thanksgiving Tree. It is so simple to do and a fun reminder of what this time of the year is really about.

Step One: Find a big branch. We just cut down a pine tree, so it should be easy for us this year. If you live nearby and cannot find a branch, stop in and we will supply you! 
Step Two: Get a rather large vase (I get mine for $1 at Goodwill), flower pot, galvanized bucket or whatever. 
Step Tree, I mean Three: Fill your container with sand, dirt, colored/uncolored rice, dried beans, river rock, or anything that will help your “tree” to stand up in the container.
Step Four: Stick the branch in the sand, dirt, etc.
Step Five: Take pieces of paper, shaped like leaves and write something you are thankful for on them every day. Attach the leaves on the tree any way you can think of. Have everyone in your house do it. Force them if you have to, they will thank you later.
Voila! A Thanksgiving Tree! You can save the leaves every year and review what was written. I had the kids write their names on the back last year so I know who said what. Cultivating gratitude, making memories and creating new traditions all in one simple task…. There has to be a branch around somewhere…
On Day 5 of this month, I am thankful for good friends to laugh and share with. Life is so much lighter when you have friends to share it with. And God has blessed me with some great friends…

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