A Month of Gratitude ~ Day 6

  Is gratitude contagious? I think so. Just try it, and see what it does to those around you. Family. Friends. Coworkers. Whoever and wherever. Make it an intentional experiment, and see what happens.

It is so beneficial. Not only spiritually and mentally, but physically too… I am reading more and more about how thankfulness effects your health. Reduces blood pressure, increases longevity, ups your happiness quotient. 
Just google in “gratitude health benefits”. You will be surprised. 
When we act like we are blessed, we will be blessed. 
And those trials and times of loss? Oh, they will still come. But when we look unto Jesus and offer up thanksgiving for what we do have, the difficult times will not seem as hard. Really. It is that simple. 
So, in my effort to improve my health, I will give thanks on Day 6 for my mom. She is a hard worker, caring, and fun! We just spent all day together yesterday shopping, eating harassing my sister and brother-in-law, and running errands. She’s the kind of mom you can live your life around. Some moms, when you are an adult, still treat you like a kid, or are so judgmental that you are not yourself around them. That is not how my mom is and I am so thankful for that.

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