A Month of Thanksgiving ~ Day 8

  Are you counting blessings yet? They don’t have to be big things. It can be something so simple as “the smell of clean clothes” or “the sound of children” or some project accomplished. 

When we give thanks to God, give that sacrifice of praise, we are acknowledging that He does it and not us. He allows us to live. He gives us strength to work. He blesses us materially and monetarily. He brings the weather and the seasons and the crops and everything. When we thank God, we are giving up our credit for the thing and giving the credit to Whom it really belongs. Thanksgiving makes us as honest as we can be.
We say in piety, “without God I can do nothing.” But when we fail to thank Him, we are not living that credo out.
We say “God is my strength and my fortress.” But at the end of the day acknowledge only our hard work.
I know, because I am guilty of this all the time.
Which is why I need to do this Month of Thanksgiving. I need a reminder as to what is important and Who is important.
Will you join me? I failed yesterday, but since God’s mercies are new everyday, I get another opportunity today.
On Day 8, I am thankful for the opportunity to help in our Bible clubs and the fruit the Lord gives in them. The girls are all energy and ask great questions and it is so fulfilling to give yourself to something big for God’s kingdom. I am humbled and grateful for this privilege.

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