A Month of Thanksgiving ~ Day 12

  Praise. Thanksgiving. Worship. Whatever you want to call it, God calls it a sacrifice in Hebrews. Yesterday I alluded to the fact that even in rough times, we can remain grateful. Countless hymn writers have penned masterpieces in the midst of trials. 

In Robert J. Morgan’s book, “It Is Well With My Soul,” he tells stories behind some of our most beloved hymns. While it is definitely worth the entire read, here is a little poignant excerpt:.

One of the strange things about the “attitude of gratitude” is that we tend to exhibit it in reverse proportion to the number of blessings received. The more we have, the less thankful we are.

One of the evidences of the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives is a gradual reversal of that twisted pattern. God wants us to be people who exhibit a thankfulness in proper proportion to the gifts and blessings we’ve received.
We have a choice to make in every difficulty. We can wallow in our circumstances. Or we can look upwards and offer thanks to the One Who gives us all things. 
A sacrifice of praise gives the idea that the praise isn’t necessarily convenient for us, but it is needful. The sacrifice is not merely for our benefit, but for God’s glory. And whenever we glorify God, do we not receive a blessing in return? Therefore, the sacrifice of praise is crucial in our relationship with God. 
On Day 12, I am thankful for my boy, Ethan. He is hilarious, loves to whistle and run and figure out how things work. He is a lot like his dad, and provides much needed reprieve from this estrogen filled house!

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