A Month of Thanksgiving ~ Day 14

  Much of thanksgiving is recollecting. I have recently been listening to the psalms as I go about tasks for the day. So many ttimes, David talks about his soul being cast down, or needing God to deliver him from enemies. Life was hard for David. His “darling” life was threatened repeatedly. He was belittled for his faith. He was burdened with his own sin. He carried the weight of the country on his shoulders. 

Yet he praised God.
Sometimes we think that gratitude is an optimistic outlook. That, maybe, it is an escape from reality. It is then that we will fail in giving thanks, because life is not always a bed of roses. David did not ignore the circumstances he was in. As a matter of fact, he talked in depth about them. In the midst of peril, he could simmer in those circumstances. There are rally two extremes. But what did He choose to do? He recollected.
He recollected the other things God had done for him. He recollected Who God was. And all that recollecting provided hope. And hope breeds thankfulness. He thanked God for the deliverance He would provide. Because David had seen God do it before.
Remembering God will always give us hope, which is why we really can thank Him in any circumstance.
Day 13 finds me thankful for mercy and grace. God pardoned me from all my sins. But He has done so much more than that. He has given me a new life and adopted me as me of His own. I deserve nothing, and yet He has given me everything.  Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift!

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