A Month of Thanksgiving ~ Day 19

  We are on Day 19, and I am thankful for Meredith. She is my second child, but very decided in opinions and growing up too fast. She is a paradox – a fighter and a tremendous helper, and I cannot help but think she will be an excellent mother someday. I love her very much.

Sometimes we over look being grateful for common things. Imagine what your life would be like without certain things. Now, things are not what life consists of, but there are things that can enhance or make life more enjoyable. God’s Word. A warm cup of coffee. A washing machine. Running water. We can thank God for those things that don’t seem noble, or maybe even spiritual, but are functional and helpful. Material. Because He gives us those things to. 
I only mention this because I know it is my tendency to only want to be thankful for the “big” things: friends and family and concepts, and God. They seem more important, and mentioning things make me look…. Shallow? Materialistic? Greedy? All of the above. 
But we are told in God’s Word to be content with such things as we have. If you have a blessing, be blessed by it. Don’t feel guilty for having it, but do enjoy the good that God puts into your hand.
So what is someTHING that you are thankful for?

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