Why Hope Needs Heartache

Getting older doesn’t get easier. Reality hits a lot more often. Death, divorce, financial struggles, health issues take their toll on life. For believers, we get more frustrated with the curse of sin that looms over us. We wonder when it will end. We ask why there is so much suffering. 
And to be honest, we wonder if it is all real – the faith we have. But then a four letter word comes ringing through the questions and doubts: hope. There has to be a reason for hope. Hope does not exist where there is no heartache, loss or hardship to endure.
Like Heaven. 
Heaven doesn’t need hope. It is hope fufilled. No heartache, no loss, no trials to endure. Faith becomes sight. The tears are gone and wrongs are righted. Our own struggles a thing of the past. God reigns supreme.
But we are not there yet.
We are in a sin-cursed, pain filled world. It is our own mess. We are self-seeking. We love things rather than people. We long for and soak up pleasure like a drug. We will lie, cheat, steal, maim and even murder to get our own way. We worship the creation rather than the Creator. In fact, God has not been on the radar for us. We are blinded to our need for hope.
So we are stuck in a mud called sin. A sin-cursed life is at the opposite end of the hope spectrum from Heaven – we are hopeless. Despondent. It is not that we do not need hope, but we don’t know what to hope in – is there anything?
So hope is born because that God we pay no mind to is amazingly compassionate. His love transcends to our destitute place. He doesn’t like seeing His sheep without a shepherd. 
So He gives us this hope. It is hope in the form of heartache. Death. God’s own son, giving His perfect, sin-less, hopeful life for us. Doing His Father’s work. Bringing us hope.
People make a choice to reject hope. 
“It is too good to be true.”
“I don’t understand it.”
“But what about…?”
It is actualy quite ridiculous. Drowning, we are thrown a lifeline – hope. Instead of taking the lifeline offered, we reason in our minds why we shouldn’t.
Yet, hope is still there for the taking. God’s hope never runs out. He never pulls it back or renegs. It doesn’t erase heartache, the sin, the hardship. But hope does give purpose to suffering and a promise for a better future.

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