Being a Ministry Mama


Sometimes, as I look at women around me, I covet. I see the strong, confident, trim mom on Shark Tank promoting her product that is already successful and yet helps the poor. I see my neighbor, teaching special needs children during the day and taking college courses at night, all while raising her kids. I see the friend, in a similar situation to me, seemingly together and able to help others take care of their children.

I sit here and struggle to have a cup of coffee in the morning.

And I wonder, “What is my purpose, other than raising kids?”

Motherhood is a calling and an important one. But it isn’t the only calling women have. I believe that when we focus all our energy on our kids and leave nothing for serving others and God Himself, we set a bad example. Not only that, we neglect another level to our relationship with Christ.

When I start into this coveting, I remember the things that God has put in my path. The funny thing about coveting is that it gives us amnesia to the good things that are often right in front of our faces. That’s why reminding and remembering are so important.

I teach. I love teaching God’s Word to older children. It’s a gift that God gave me and I am so thankful He did.

But sometimes I diminish in my mind the role I play. I think, “Well, that is only for church… I need to do something BIGGER than church.”

I forget that the church is the vehicle Christ uses to edify the believer. It is an important ministry. It is often neglected or abused. The church is important, if for no other reason than that Christ says it is important. He doesn’t institute useless things.

So every Wednesday, I come to church and these girls come. Sometimes I only have four in my class. Other times it might be twelve. My friends and I take turns teaching them the truth of the Gospel. Some get saved. Others are still thinking about it. But relationships blossom in this place.

These girls are not all “churched”. I love it. They are honest and real and they remind me to be sure that the things I do have a good reason and not just a rote answer. They want to know why I am telling them something contrary to their school learning or what their priest says. I get to point them to the Bible.

These girls come from different home situations. Some have a great family. Others have no dad, either through death, divorce or imprisonment. Many… too many… are just left to themselves with no one who really cares.

I get to be the one who cares. Our time together is not just Bible for an hour and a half. We listen to their stories, their concerns. The things that no one listens to them about. We give them a safe, caring place to be. We do our best to show them the love of Jesus.

We think ministering to kids needs to be loud and flashy, with lots of entertainment and little substance. I disagree. It’s really about getting down to their level (genuinely, not condescendingly) and showing them love and being honest with them. It can be messy, and you won’t get through to all of them. But in the end, it is hard to argue with the love of Jesus.

My ministry in the local church isn’t BIG. It ain’t fancy. But God is working to bring these precious ones to Himself.

So while I look at the “Super Moms” who are being successful and doing big things in the world, I just have to stop and remember not to diminish my own gifts and my own calling. Even the mighty oak starts out as a seed.

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