Moms, You Need a Stitch Fix.


** Any opinions shared in this post are solely my own. I have not been solicited or compensated in anyway by Stitch Fix for my review.**

Moms, it’s okay to look nice. It’s not a sin to buy an outfit for yourself. I know, I know, the kids are growing like weeds and you are on a budget and their clothes are so much cuter and cheaper. But really, we give ourselves a lot of false guilt when we buy clothes for ourselves.

There is also the problem of time and peace to actually try on clothes and find what works. I have my kids with me all the time, so this is a real issue. I think I would rather have a root canal than take my five kids to the mall when shopping for myself. It isn’t usually successful. Plus, I am not sure my seven year old, who forgets to change her clothes, should be consulting me on my fashion choices.

But I think I found a solution.

I’ve seen friends post on Facebook about this Stitch Fix. You fill out information about yourself: your sizes, your preferences, your price points. You pay a $20 styling fee. They ship you five pieces. For three days, you can mull over which things you want and don’t want. Send back the things you don’t want in a prepaid package. Your styling fee is applied to whatever you keep. The end.

I wasn’t sure if this would work for me. Seemed a little risky. I filled out my info and forgot about it.

But they hadn’t forgotten me.

Stitch Fix e-mailed me, reminding me that my birthday was just around the corner. Just so happens that my husband is planning a birthday trip for me. I really could use something to wear to match the occasion. So I caved.

The thing about this Stitch Fix is that the more you tell them about your preferences, the better they can style you. I sent them a board on Pinterest. I told them about my upcoming trip.

I wasn’t disappointed with the box Kristy, my stylist, sent. My nine year old photographer still needs some improvement. But she’s only nine… And I really need to learn better photo editing. And get a better camera on my phone… But Kristy did a great job… (Insert sheepish smile here.)

Inside were three shirts, a dress, and pants. Cute stuff. Some fit. Some didn’t.


It was nice that Kristy sent a note explaining why she picked what she picked, along with picture cards with outfit ideas for each piece.


I loved the navy blue mixed media shirt. So I kept that. I would’ve kept the pants too, but I couldn’t swing the cost right now.


Everything else went back in the bag and to the post office.

The nice thing is Stitch Fix loves feedback. They want to know what worked and didn’t work so they can improve for the next box they send.

I thought that for the first box, they did pretty well. Several of the concepts I plan to incorporate into my wardrobe.

Will I get another box? Yup. It was fun to try new things on without having to drag the kids along. You can schedule as often or infrequent as you please. Besides that, for every person you refer, Stitch Fix gives your account a $25 credit. So basically I want you all to try it and refer me so that I can buy more stuff. Thanks in advance. : )

All kidding aside, for the cost of gas and a meal at the food court, you can try on clothes- personally selected for you- in the comfort of your home. Seems like a win-win to me…. you really should give it a try.


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