Homeschool Startin’ Soon

I must confess that I am not completely together for school this year. As I look at all my “together with it” friends and their First Day of School pictures, I’m wishing that my act was together and my kids were starting before everyone else.

And yet, here I sit. The kids are all playing and I am giving myself a slight pity party. It’s not going to last long.

I think that the end of summer is a magical time. Up here, in Wisconsin, the harvest is getting up and running. County fairs are still occuring. School doesn’t even start before September 1 up here. It’s a golden time.

A photo by Faye Cornish.

It’s a time to finish up all that fun that we wanted to have and didn’t get around to. It’s a time to take life a little slower and relish every last moment before the school year begins in earnest.

I refuse to go through life in a hurried fashion. Deadlines are great, and we all do need to learn to abide by them. But when we go through life in a event to event fashion, I don’t think we really get to enjoy the gifts that God gives to us.

Busy-ness does not equal holiness. And that is very difficult for our society to understand. If you get invited to countless parties and such, you are seen as popular. When you have business meetings constantly, you are seen as important and successful. The funny thing is, that is not what God demands of us.

No, He tells us that we need time to be still. God cannot be acknowledged like He desires when we refuse to stop and take time with Him.

I can do nothing as a mom and still be very busy. It really does not take much to get bogged down in the dailies of life. Add homeschooling. Add helping family. Add being an active church member. Add soccer mom…. it adds up really fast. And the temptation is to take life fast so that I can accomplish everything and look awesome doing it.

fast lane

But if living life in the fast lane means God becomes nothing more than a blur, I don’t want it. God wants us to drink deeply from His Word. He wants quiet moments with us to slow our speeding pulse and ease our troubled mind. When I am living too fast, I am not spending time with Him that I so desperately need. I’ve got to-do lists and deadlines and chores galore. The key here is prioritizing the most important things.

This doesn’t mean that we stop doing our chores and stop going to meetings. Living slower doesn’t mean neglecting fellowship or becoming a hermit or a monk. Being still simply means we don’t rush what God wants to do with us. We let His Will occur in His time and we pace ourselves so that we can see it and don’t miss it in the “blur”.

I think of Jesus. Talk about a life that could’ve become a blur! And yet, you find often that the very Son of God would stop what He was doing and take time to be still before His Father. He didn’t say, “I’ve got all these people to heal. I’ll talk to you later.” He is a man of afflictions like we are, yet without sin. And there were times he slowed the pace down so He could commune with God.

A photo by Thomas Lefebvre.

When life seems to be spiraling, we can slow the pace down. Only do those things God calls you to. It’s okay to say no for no other reason than you don’t want to cram a day full. It is perfectly healthy to take time to do what seems like nothing, when you are in fact drinking in your blessings and spending time in prayer and meditation with God.

Living life slowly is not a new concept, but it is a declining way of life. Such a shame. Let’s bring back the “be still” lifestyle.

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