How This Pregnancy is Different (6th time’s a charm?)

Right this moment, I am lying in bed while my kids make dinner. Am I taking advantage of child labor? Maybe. Resting from a difficult day? I’ve had worse. Lack of sleep? Yes….

The real reason I am in bed here is because I can. There’s enough semblance of order in my house and excitement about cooking, that I can rest at 5 in the evening while people less than half my age do my job for me. For free. 

When I found out about children no. 4, 5, and 6, I googled “# pregnancy”. I wanted to know what to expect to be different from each pregnancy. Information was sorely lacking. And then, I realized something: pregnancy is different because of the various factors that play in to any pregnancy, not just a higher quantity. 

But for those out there, like me, I want to fill the google void with how this,  my sixth time expecting, is different.

1. I’m tired-er.

Is it my advanced years or the amount of kids already vying for my attention? I don’t know, but I am exhausted. Every pregnancy chart says I should be full of energy, but not so much for me. So, I’ve changed some habits. I am conscientious about getting enough protein daily, starting to exercise more intentionally, and being consistent about taking my prenatal vitamin. These things have helped me tremendously.

2. I’m bigger. 

The joke before we announced at 16 weeks was, “She’s just a little chubby.” I was popping pretty early on. The great thing, though, is I love tunics. Tunics hide baby bumps or at least put you in that grey area of “is-she-preggo-or-is-it-just-the-shirt?”. And they even look cute when the baby is obvious. Tunics, people. Save your hard earned $$. 

But seriously, I am only a little smaller than I was with Natalie (my firstborn) full term. Being big makes maneuvering difficult, whether it is turning in bed, or climbing stairs, or getting out of the car. I’m not sure how this will end in 20 more weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

3. I’m surer.

Don’t be deceived. I still am not a child expert. I am confident that this child will throw us curveballs that the others never thought to throw. God will give us wisdom to handle whatever comes our way. He hasn’t failed us yet.

My older children are capable and happy to help with the little ones. I keep my feelers on for signs that I am over loading them and adjust accordingly. But watching your girls sweetly helping their baby sister? Priceless. 

I was very nervous telling our children about no.6. “Not another one!!” was the response I was expecting. But in disbelief, I watched them get excited about another child. Excited. At that point, I knew we would be okay, that there was still plenty of love to go around. 

So I’m more relaxed. People can think what they want. I know what we need and don’t need for the baby. Our other five children are thriving despite our lack as parents. It will be okay.

4. I’m achy-er.

Once again, this could be my age or the fact that I was overweight before I got pregnant. It could be because it is winter and I have the bones of an arthritic knitter. I was raised to suck it up and get over it, so I haven’t started a pain reliever regiment or anything like that. Motion is lotion, so I try to stay moving. See 1 & 2 for reasons why I stop. 

So, for the google searcher out there like me, take heart! You will be just fine. Now is a great time to start teaching your younger kids to help out more. You will be surprised at how much they want to help you. 

Now, I finished writing everything above right before heading out to my 20 week ultrasound. At said appointment, I discovered that we are having twins. Twins. So, I am going to leave you with that cliffhanger, and ask you to stay tuned for “What it is like to discover twins living in you.” 

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