Have Questions About This Twin Thing? Me too.

As my mind continues to spin from the shock of finding out we are having twins, I am getting a LOT of questions. And I don’t blame any of you because it is a whole new world for me too. But seeing as I get a lot of the same questions, I thought I’d answer them here, like I’m an important person or something. Ha!

1. Why didn’t you know at your 8 week ultrasound?
Because I didn’t have one. I didn’t go to the doctor until I was 16 weeks-ish along. After going through this five other times with no complications, I really felt that driving half an hour away just to be asked if I have any questions was a waste of my time and the doctor’s time. I still don’t regret that choice. Blood panels and urine samples can be done at any time, really.

2. Didn’t the doctor hear two hearts on doppler?
Nope, just one. I am assuming that if you hear a heartbeat as soon as the wand is on the stomach, you don’t just go searching for another one for no reason. If you recall what Doppler effect is from remedial high school science, it makes sense. Everything else is background noise.

3. Do twins run on either side of your family?
Nope. We have racked our brains thinking of a distant blood relative, but no. My mom’s mom is missing half her medical history though, so there is that…

4. How did the kids take it?
They were in the room with me and were just as shocked as I was at first. But then I heard, “Mom, it will be okay. We are going to help you.” I’ve got tremendous kids.

5. What kind of twins are they?
Fraternal, which is more common. One boy and one girl. They are in separate arrangements, but dear brother was smooshing his spine against his sister, which follows Franklin sibling protocol. Annoy, pester and smoosh if possible.

6. How are you feeling NOW?
Still tired. Still big. Still achy. Less sure.

7. When are you due?
40 weeks is June 4. I did a little research on twins, and they typically come a few weeks early. My nurse said we will come up with a better idea as we continue to monitor these cherubs. Which we will. As a matter of fact, I will be making up all those doctor appointments I tried to skip. Irony can be cruel.

8. Wow! Twins!! What about homeschooling? And you’ll need a bigger vehicle. Better hurry and get that house sold! How are you guys going to manage double everything?
These are exactly the first thoughts we were thinking. But then, I stopped. Jesus said not to fret over tomorrow, that we need to take each day as it comes. That doesn’t mean we don’t prepare, but I need to focus on one thing at a time, and it needs to be what the Lord shows as the next priority. If I think of it all in one chunk, I start to get woosy. And that’s not good for the baby… babies.

9. Are you guys trying for a reality show?
Nope. We only intended to have four. Things outside our control keep happening that have us still makin’ babies. I know this is God’s plan for our family, but, for reasons maybe I’ll talk about in another post, we haven’t intentionally planned this. We just give thanks and accept the new life, or lives, God gives us.

2 thoughts on “Have Questions About This Twin Thing? Me too.

  1. I LOVE the kids’ reply when they found out! Very encouraging to a mom in shock. Yes, don’t fret over what needs to be done or gotten. God will provide…in His time…In His amazing way!! Keep resting as much as u can! Try not to be annoyed at the extra doctor appts…Hehehe, irony I indeed!

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