Where I Explain Why We Aren’t Animal People….

I kid you not, Spring started in earnest today. I was just getting ready to enjoy my coffee while my husband made the final touches to his ensemble before heading to work. We both looked out the window to admire the sunny day. 

“Oh, look! A robin! Spring is really here!!” I said with no irony attached.

Stephen’s attention went directly to our garage motion sensor light. “Ugh. Really?”

Sure enough, that once lovely sign of spring turned into our mortal enemy in a blink of an eye. Literally.

You see, the robins like to build their nests in our motion light. We have no problem with the birds building in our trees or anywhere that isn’t a fire hazard… but in a light? Fire hazard. And I just don’t feel like a garage rebuild this year.

This has been a three year battle between Stephen and the robins. They build, he removes. For awhile, he just kept a ladder up under the light, because it was a daily occurrence. He’s even resorted to using a nerf gun to scare them away. 

He’s cute when he’s angry, isn’t he?

I’d like to say this is our only less than positive run-in with wildlife… but it isn’t.

There were the chipmunks in our first house. They had burrowed an intricate system of tunnels running from our front yard to the back. Tripping was common. Digging up through my garden was the norm. The ground was starting to sink in. Stephen set up traps, but no matter how many he got, there were always more… 

And let us not forget the squirrel incident of 2009. Natalie was reading in one of those little tent tunnels, minding her own business in our backyard. I was back there as well, reading in a chair, when I hear the most terrifying scream I have ever heard come from my little girl’s mouth.

“Mom! Something is in there!” 

I shook the tunnel to find a little startled squirrel. It had climbed in the tunnel to read with Natalie. “Let’s let the squirrel be,” I said. We all headed for the house.

The squirrel followed. It chased us. So, we ran in the house, not knowing if it was rabid or had grown attached to Natalie’s style of reading. My animal whisperer neighbor boy came and took care of the squirrel, who was affectionately named Omar. Omar is officially off our list of boy names. 

Tate the Critter Whisperer

I’m not even mentioning the mice that have entered our house and lived in our stove. The rabbits that have burrowed. The woodpeckers. The raccoons in our trailer at the shop. The possums in our wood box. The stray cats at our porch. The random horse that ran into the road.

I would expect this if I lived in the country, but I don’t. I live in a community with over 16,000 people. Our house and neighborhood have been around for over a century, so this isn’t a case urban sprawl overtaking a habitat.

The obvious conclusion is that animals don’t like us. 

So when people ask about why we don’t have a pet, I tell them that one will eventually show up uninvited. That’s enough for us. 

Now, I’ve got to get the nerf gun and ladder…. 

One thought on “Where I Explain Why We Aren’t Animal People….

  1. Leah, it’s just that everyone (and thing) loves to be around you-all. Plus there’s probably a few crumbs dropped from kids to enjoy. Love, G’ma

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