Update on the twins

So we reached the 33 week mark as of Sunday. We. Me, lil’ girl & lil’ boy. I can throw Stephen in for good measure, since he must endure my condition. And the kids. Really, when I stop and think about it, this whole pregnancy has been a joint effort.

In many ways, I think this winter has been toughening us all up to the challenges that are to come. Everyone of us was chosen for sickie of the week. Natalie has been dealing most of the winter with an ankle injury. Stephen sprained his ankle a month ago as well. Evelyn now asks everyone if their ankle hurts. 

So we soldier on. We just do what we do. We could stop and wallow in misery over the hardships in life, but what good does that do? What character does that produce in me or my kids? None.

I asked Stephen a few weeks ago how he’s feeling about the twins coming soon, and his answer was tremendous.

“I know there are a lot of logistics that need to be worked about. It’s overwhelming. But we are going to do it. And I’m looking forward to the babies.”

Have I ever said how much I love this man?

I’m really clinging to the fact that God gives us moment by moment grace. That the worries of each day are enough. The lesson I take away from all the hold-ups of this winter is that we can make plans, but the Lord directs our steps. And sometimes He says, “hold on, slow down! You are not ready for that yet.” I want to push ahead, but then someone gets sick or hurt or a snow storm hits or water pipe breaks… and plans get pushed back.

We like to fight against the push back. We don’t like to acknowledge that just maybe God is trying to slow us down, and that yielding can be just as much in His will as doing.

And I am confident, so so confident that God is going to take care of us and give us that moment by moment grace and strength to care for two babies simultaneously. He’s good at that.

So… the babies.

They are growing well. Measuring great. It’s been fun getting to see them once a month on ultrasound! My technician even does 3d images so I can see their little faces… It’s amazing.

Baby boy is bigger than baby girl by about half a pound, which is perfectly normal. They both love to move and I truly think they conspire together to make sure I know they are there. I’ve never had to do a kick count with these two.

I thought I was large two months ago… I laugh at the thought. Hugging is awkward. One pair of pants actually fits, and I refuse to get any more. I have succumbed to a maternity belt to make it through the day carrying all the weight in front of me. At night, pillows are wedged everywhere to guarantee a few hours of sleep. I now have the power to make a maxi dress look like a mini. How many people can say that?

If I absolutely must bend down, the leg squat is my choice. I should have really toned legs by now, but alas – muscle toning never works out the way you think it should. The bathroom has never been so familiar as it is now. Or clean.
And this is a normal, healthy twin pregnancy. For now. I know all this could change in one roll over in bed. 

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  1. I love your explanations and your outlook on life. Our God is good all the time, and He gives us families to love and to love us. We continue to pray daily for you and the babies. We love you. –Mom and Dad Franklin

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