From Normal to Crazy in 1.2 Seconds

It’s surreal how life can go from normal to crazy in a single moment. Not that I haven’t experienced it before. It is shocking every time it occurs though, and this last month has been no exception.

I started the first day of May at my baby doctor appointment. Normal. Nothing going on. Ultrasounds scheduled, but nothing extraordinary. So we commenced to normal life for the week. Blanket making, birthday party planning, soccer practice….

Then my water broke that very night. Normal flew out the window, and I entered the world of crazy.

First came the c-section, which was a new experience for me. The sound of two babies crying at once. The post-op blur where I learn that my babies need to be transported to NICU in Madison. Barely seeing their little faces before departure. My ambulance ride to be with them. By the end of that first 24 hours, I was astounded by all that had happened. It was a whirlwind.

I was also astounded by the people that supported us this month. Family and friends who took our children, brought food, kept me company. The nurses and doctors who took such good care of our babies and myself. These people gave so freely of their time and energy and resources to make our lives easier in the midst of difficulty. The prayer warriors… so many of them… bringing our family before God’s throne. I am simply humbled, and I know I can never repay their kindnesses to us.

So here’s the skinny: Owen and Delaney were born at 35w2d… a little under cooked for twins. They both had good, solid weights, but were in respiratory distress and needed extra care. They remained in the hospital until their distress cleared up and they were able to eat and regulate temperature, etc. Things I have taken for granted with my other children. 

I really struggled with where my place was in all this- do I stay with the twins an hour away, or do I stay with my other kids? My husband, ever the voice of reason and clarity, advised me to take this journey one day at a time. Which is one of those “duh” moments, since that is exactly what God has been teaching me throughout this pregnancy too.

In the end, God was very gracious to us- Delaney May came home in eight days and Owen David came home a day after his sister. They’ve been doing great! Both are back up to birth weight and then some, which is unusual for premies. 

I’ve been learning so many lessons in this experience that I cannot wait to share with you, so stay tuned!! There will be oodles of adorable pictures… 

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