Merry (Post) Christmas 2017

Can I just say I love getting all the cards and letters this time of year? I love hearing (and seeing) how your families are faring. I may still get something out to people, but I am waiting on my in-house graphic designer (ahem, Stephen) to make some tweaks to pictures.

Christmas found us on our own this year. We didn’t go south and my folks went to my sister’s house in MA. The littles got sick so we did not get together with my brother’s family either. I’d love to say that we were miserable, but we had a great Christmas together- making our own memories. It has been the perfect wrap up to our whirlwind of a year.

For starters, as most of you know, we rung in 2017 expecting…. later in January we would find out there would be TWO joining our family. After several stages of disbelief passed, we got ready for these two blessings. They arrived on May 2 (Natalie’s 13th birthday) and spent about a week in NICU, but have been so healthy ever since. Owen and Delaney turned our world upside down, but I cannot imagine life without them. The kids are so great with them, and they are the exclamation point to our family.

Natalie (13) is still playing soccer in season. She is such a hard worker and has really stepped up in helping me out. She loves to cook and spend time with friends and watching Badger football (On Wisconsin!). She is a diligent student as well. It is hard to believe we only have 4 more years before she moves on to college or whatever God has for her.

Meredith (11) enjoys baking and shopping and just getting out and about. She’s got a great sense of humor and an eye for fashion. She is doing well with her video classes for school this year. I love having her organize things…. she is really good at it.

Sophie (9) is still my free spirit. Life goes at a slower pace with this one. She has become a voracious reader this year, and while she’d rather chew glass than do chores, she steps up when needed. Her heart is so big and her smile is infectious. And if you need another player in a board game, Sophie is your gal!

Ethan (8) has his life planned out… it just involves legos and dirt and heavy machinery and not school. He loves having a brother, and for all his manly ways he is great at taking care of the twins. Behind the tough exterior is a tender heart and a goofy grin.

Evelyn (3) cannot stand to be in clothes longer than necessary. She still loves baths and watches these videos of people opening toys, much to our confusion. She loves to play and her laugh is the best. Evie gives us all a run for our money with her high energy and staunch opinions. She’s a great snuggler too!

Delaney (<1) is chubby. She loves being so and we have no intention of putting her on a diet. She is standing and wants to be big and makes very loud noises as often as possible. Her smile lights up a room. Laney will always win in a cage match with Owen. Always.

Owen (also <1) is a charmer. His bright red hair and chiseled features melt the hearts of all he encounters. He’s a content little guy, happy to play with a toy on the floor or sit perched on Natalie’s arm like a baby sloth. Anything Ethan does in his presence is a source of amusement and joy.

Stephen had a banner year at Able Signs and Lighting. He was able to do more custom design builds, which he loves. He still leads singing Sunday mornings and serves as a Trustee at our church. When he is home, he is usually taking care of a baby or washing dishes or maybe putting his feet up. He is just an amazing guy and I am truly blessed that he’s mine.

I am busy. Like, busier than ever before. Remember all those times I said I was busy? I really wasn’t. I just thought I was. Twins, a toddler and homeschooling four keeps me on my toes almost 24 hours a day. I also help with the family business doing accounts receivable. Sadly, I have had to hand over most of my church responsibilities at this time but only for this season of life.

With all the business in this household, I will add that we do love company. Our house is not ready for an IKEA cover, but it is fun. And there is coffee. And we always enjoy fellowship with friends and family who stop in. There is always time for people.

You know, Christ made time for us. He came from Heaven to Earth to save us from ourselves. I was just thinking that if Christ had not come, I would have nothing that I have today. Stephen and the kids, joy and contentment, peace and hope… all are because of my Lord. And while my life is far from perfect, every perfect thing I possess is because I possess Him. Do you?

MERRY (post) CHRISTMAS and have a happy, healthy and joy-filled New Year!!!

With Love,

The Franklins

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