Post Christmas 2018

It is indeed that time again- where I send you my woefully overdue Christmas tidings. It’s tradition! And I am glad to offer some stability in these uncertain times.

It has been quite a low key Christmas in our home this year. Having the dynamic duo makes it difficult to go anywhere without backup. But I know this is just a season and it is fun to have these two tiny tornadoes….

Ah yes! The family update!

Natalie is a freshman (yes, you read that right- freshman) at Maranatha Baptist Academy. She is having a blast and doing so well! This school has been such a great fit for her and to see her flourishing does my heart good. Nattie loves all things Wisconsin sports and has a head for stats that puts any and all boys to shame. She played volleyball this fall and is getting the hang of it.

Meredith is in 6th grade at Calvary Baptist Christian School. She walked into orientation and was immediately floated away by a bunch girls and I haven’t seen her since. 😉 She works so hard and I am proud of her persistence. She enjoys artistic pursuits and can play music by ear (according to her music teacher). She is my internal spy because she knows everything about everybody….

Sophia is in 5th at CBCS. She loves school. I think she would live there if she could. Soph also played volleyball this fall and loved it. She enjoys playing trumpet and reads voraciously. She lives life at a slower pace, which is both frustrating and a great reminder at times. Her sensitive soul adds a lot to our rough and tumble house.

Ethan is in 4th grade and still doesn’t like school. He loves his teacher, just not the work. 🙄 But really, he is doing well and is a science and history buff. I didn’t know you could be both. He still loves his legos and playing with his friend Dom when he has time. Ethan is a bundle of energy wrapped up in hilarity.

Evelyn, Evelyn, Evelyn… she is 4. I guess when you have a bunch of bigger siblings, you just breeze through intellectual pursuits. She shocks me everyday with some bright thing she says. And to watch her play with her toys is a treat- she has such an imagination! But all this charm is wrapped in a stubborn streak and peculiarities that make her unique.

Delaney is busy. She has things to climb and things to explore. Sleep is an interruption in this endeavor. And seeing as she is an expert climber, bed is just a place to escape. She is in cahoots with her brother in these escapades, which is fun to watch and exhausting to this mama. But Laney May can be a snuggle bug too- she will climb on your lap and pop her thumb in her mouth. It melts my heart.

Owen is my chill dude. He loves to sit and play with a toy or read a book. He is chatty and a little bit of a neatnik, if that is at all possible in a toddler. He loves trucks and cars but is more than willing to wrestle a fluffy animal too. Like I said, Owie and Laney are buddies and love to be together.

Stephen is continuing to excel at Able Sign. He designed the biggest sign we have ever done this year. And when he isn’t building signs, he’s doing dishes or playing a game or fixing something on the house. If that isn’t enough, he can be found fixing things at church too. I’m planning to push him out of the house more this year to ride his bike. All work and no play makes Stephen a dull boy. 😉

And little old me. I am getting old, and chasing toddlers doesn’t feel like it did 12 years ago. I enjoy my daily road trip to pick my kids up from school. Everyday life is full for me, but I love spending time with friends when I get a chance. I am going to be pushing myself out of doors more this next year as well. The blog will stay and I say every year I will be writing more, but this year I mean it… maybe.

Despite the crazy life we have, Stephen and I call it a gift because our Lord says He has given it to us. He provides for us in every way and fills up where we lack. We rest in His promises for our future because we have placed our trust in Him. And this is a gift everyone can have! We hope that 2019 is a year full of promise for you and your family.

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