The One Crucial Thing

This looked like a great book to read. A book about adoption. Something uplifting and challenging. Instead, it was a book about an unfulfilled life. And I felt great pity for this woman. My heart grew so heavy.

You see, she bought in to every humanistic lie that was fed to her. Follow your heart. There is no one “right way.” If it feels good, do it. Truth is relative. Humans are just another part of the ecosystem.

And, my “favorite”: all religion is a conglomeration of literature. Jesus is “superfluous.”

Superfluous means unnecessary. I knew that, but wanted to confirm it, so I looked it up.

I can take you to Scripture and show you why this is all untrue. But I realize for the unbeliever that it means absolutely nothing to them. It is simply a document used to enslave and brainwash me.

I see a pattern loud and clear in the lives of those following the religion of humanism. It takes a lifetime to show out sometimes. Other times it is evident early on. Dissatisfaction. A knowing that life isn’t going as it should, but entirely uncertain why or how.

A “searching for one’s self” is usually involved. Strings of ruined relationships. A self-absorption that is desperate in nature because if you can’t find love with someone else, you find it in yourself.

Vanity of vanities all is vanity. Sound familiar? This is what I think Jesus saw as He wept with compassion for the people wandering about “as a sheep with no shepherd.” His Creation looking to itself to find solutions to its own brokenness.

I think about how different my life would be without Christ. I would spend this life wandering with no real direction because none would be found. Searching and never finding. Longing, but unsure of exactly what that was.

I don’t do any of those things or feel any of those things. Or if I do, it is when I shift my focus off of Christ and onto myself. Self introspection is good and encouraged in the Christian life, but the result is sure actions leading to a sure goal.

Last night I was thinking about my life and how much joy it has. Oh, there is trial. We are in the midst of one presently. But we are happy. We are confident in a sure future. We are content and fulfilled.

How many people can say that? I am not a world-renown author. My husband is nowhere close to owning a Fortune 500 company. We have over half a dozen children, a mortgage on a house constantly needing repairs, and stay close to home out of necessity.

We know the secret, Christians. We have it and yet lose sight of “it” so often. Christ is all I need. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He gives us peace and joy that nothing else can. Fame, fortune, adventure, relationships never fully satisfy. Only He does.

When we realize and seek the satisfaction Christ offers, we will find it. And then all those other things? They do fall into place. Or else we fall in to place. And the freedom in following Christ is unparalleled.

My marriage? Happy. My kids? Thriving with my imperfect parenting. My self-worth? Not an issue. My circumstances? Always purposeful-even when difficult. The world is broken. I am still in a broken state. But my soul, the real me? It is well regardless of my fleeting emotions.

Christ is not superfluous. He is crucial. Crucial to my salvation from my sin and myself. Crucial for abundant life here on earth and in the eternal life to follow. And, though they don’t get it, Christ is the very One that humanists need but cast off.

Open their eyes, Lord.

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