Thoughts on a Thursday

1. School’s out!

It went so. fast. I don’t know that a year has ever gone by so speedily. This coming fall, Evelyn will join her siblings… I’m not sure I am ready for it.

We are so stinkin’ pleased with the education our kids have received this year. The teachers were phenomenal. An excitement for learning returned to my kiddos, which is so important! Friends were made. Sports played. Growing happened.

There were- and still are- some bumps to overcome in our transition from homeschooling to brick and mortar school. This was definitely the right decision for our family though.

Can I also say that, I am so proud of our kids!?!? They worked hard and pushed through a very new environment. They are flourishing and I couldn’t be happier.

2. Paddle boarding

This has been years in the making. I remember watching a man paddle boarding on Lake Michigan and thinking, “That looks fun. I’d like to try it someday.” As if reading my mind, my best friend mentioned wanting to try it as well.

Well, it all seemed like a distant retirement goal until our Park and Rec department started renting them. So we took some out for a test drive. Paddle. Swim. Whatever. Needless to say, we were sold on this new sport.

So Stephen bought me one for my birthday and I’ve been out a couple of times. I only fell in once, but it was great fun. This will definitely be a good, gentle workout for a chicka who definitely needs it!

3. Isaiah

I just started reading Isaiah. So much good truth in this book. As I read through the OT, I am on the lookout for God’s character on display as He interacts with His creation. Even though we are free from the law, there is so much to learn about the Lord in the Old Testament.

In Isaiah, God’s long suffering abounds even amidst judgment and suffering. A loving God will not let us continue in our sin without calling us out and disciplining so we change and grow. It would be negligence in a parent, and God is not a bad parent by any means.

4. Gardening

I built two garden beds by myself last week. Besides some slight imperfections that will drive my husband insane, I am pleased with my work. The kids want to garden this summer, and I am happy to oblige.

I started getting serious about growing herbs indoors this winter and discovered they are easy to grow- just gotta be faithful in watering. My windowsill has been filled with happy little green things. So we’ve been enjoying basil, parsley and rosemary all winter! To add them to fresh veggies this summer will be amazing….

5. Sprummer

I always tell people I don’t have a favorite season. I stand by that statement. It is exciting to watch this hybrid season…. branches glowing with light green hints, promising verdant displays in the months ahead. Fields being cultivated and contrasting the darkness of soil with the green grass. It’s a season of possibilities, and I love the anticipation of watching them all unfold.

I hope that you get to enjoy the brilliance of creation this weekend!

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