Thoughts on a Thursday II

Two weeks into summer vacation and I realize that time is rushing by and the blog is getting cobwebs… so these little blurbs seem to give me a little healthy pressure to publish something without having too much weight in it. And they are fun to write! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

So here are five thoughts I’m having today…

1. Laundry is getting out of control.

Yes I have a system. And no one (including me) is sticking to it now because it seems like everything is on vacation… except my husband. So the piles get high and we do it based on necessity. The weather is way too nice to be inside doing laundry. I guess you could say we are saving it for a rainy day.

My older four are primarily responsible for doing their own laundry. But, as children are wont to do, a lot of clean laundry ends up in the dirty hamper. So I am instituting a check policy for awhile. Cause I think, even for nine people, there’s a lot of unnecessary washing.

2. The things they don’t tell you about small businesses.

You work a lot more than working for someone else. Why? Because your own reputation is on the line! We own a small sign company with my parents, and it has been a lifestyle FULL of lessons. People think self-employed people have it easy because “you’re your own boss.” And while that is true- and fabulous for some- it is also long nights and early mornings because the buck stops with you.

While I love the stability that a busy schedule brings us, I do not love the hours. If you hear me talk to anyone about our business, I will mention pretty quickly that I have the deepest respect and admiration for our employees and their families. They are the They work alongside my dad and husband, dealing with their different personalities and m.o.’s, and work the long hours right along with them. Small business employees are a great group of people!

3. Garage sale fever is upon me.

I want to get rid of stuff so badly. Actually, I want a crew to come and either A) Watch my kids or B) Sell stuff for me. But I will probably do it myself. I’d like to start the new school year with less stuff and better organization. And more $$. Because that is another thing about small business owners- most of us are not independently wealthy.

But there is already a niggling fear and flashbacks from the worst garage sale ever.

4. My writing struggle.

How on earth do people write when there is so much out there? I have so much I want to say, but I hear a voice whisper one of these statements:

-“Everyone knows that already.”

-“You are no expert on that.”

-“There’s already an article/blog/book about that.”

Ugh. Do you see my frustration? I know I have much to say, and I want to be careful to glorify my God in what I write- that it be truly helpful to you, dear reader. Just something I am praying about and sorting through right now.

5. Summer with twin toddlers is exhausting and stressful.

I’m not gonna lie. They run two different places at the same time. They have a fascination with cracking eggs. (I think we are on four dozen now.) Laney would love to just roam the neighborhood freely. Owen stays put, thankfully. Usually.

And when you have a four year old “tour guide” helping? Forget about it. Who needs television when there’s real life happening? My stack of books to read gets taller while my waistline…. stays the same even with all the running I do. Life is utterly unfair. But God? He is still really good, and I do love these gifts He’s given.

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