Thoughts on a Thursday III

Summer is just breezing on by! So much growing is going on in our little house- in every possible way. Plants are growing and blooming, as are children and their parents. It’s an exciting season, to be sure.

And just like that, another Thursday is upon us. I pause, reflect, and chronicle some randomness that may or may not entertain and encourage. I hope it does both!

1. Peonies and Books

This is my favorite growing season. My rose bush and my neighbor’s peonies are both in bloom. Being as my neighbor puts up with a lot of noise from us, she is beyond generous to let me snip from her peony bushes as long as they are the ones drooping. I am more than happy with this arrangement.

My home decor style is pretty eclectic, but one thing is essential-old books. I read ’em and I decorate with ’em. Add some floral element and I am one happy homemaker.

Right now, I seem to lean towards Russian spy novels… or long epics about Martin Luther.

2. Dairy Month

June is a pretty big deal here is Wisconsin… it’s relatively warm, the mosquitoes are not awful yet, and it is dairy month. Yup. A whole month devoted to milk, cheese, and all things delicious. Because of my family heritage and our deep rooted love of Wisconsin, agriculture (farmers are a respected lot in our family), and cheese, we celebrate hard.

How can one celebrate this month of curds and whey? Well, our 4H has a thing called Dairy Bingo. You heard right. Dairy. Bingo. You show up at the Community Center, pay $.50 a card, and listen to these cute kids call out numbers. Get a bingo, win prizes like cheese, butter, and even gift cards! My sister-in-law’s family introduced it to us, and it’s become a family must-do. We have even recruited others to love it as well!

If that wasn’t enough, every Father’s Day Weekend my husband insists on going to the local Dairy Breakfast. This is a pancake breakfast put on by farmers and hosted on an actual dairy farm! There’s tractors and cute little calves and ice cream and polka music. You just can’t get more Wisconsin than that.

3. Only Jesus can fix things.

I am reminded often of how broken our world is. Families are broken. People are delusional. Government corrupt. It looks like a losing battle.

Fortunately, Christians know the end of the story. King Jesus will come back and make everything right again. He will restore and revive. But until that time, I am simply called to be faithful to my Lord.

I can look around and see the spiritual chaos everywhere about me, but then I can look up and be reminded of the wonderful things to come.

4. My clean closet

In a small house overrun with kiddos, I try to rejoice in the small victories. My room is always the last to get any love because I am too busy trying to keep everything else at an acceptable level.

But yesterday was rainy, so the kids didn’t need constant supervision outside, and tv watching seems more acceptable. Thus, I dug out the recesses of my closet and got the thing organized. It is now a thing of beauty.

No, really. I started inviting friends to come over and just sit in my closet with a cup of coffee. It’s quiet. The door closes. There is room to sit. A new sanctuary? Maybe. An act of desperation? Possibly that too…

5. Father’s Day

They say you will marry someone like your dad. I don’t know if I fully buy that. I don’t even know who “they” are. But I am so grateful for my dad and the father of my kids.

My dad has always been a hard worker, often taking on two jobs to provide for us as kids. He is to blame for my sense of humor, but also for my contemplative mind. As I grew up and now have a family of my own, he continues to teach me so many things by his life- to be passionate about Christ, to be fearless about trying new things, and to keep on moving.

I see so many of those traits in my own husband, just in different ways- He’ s a notoriously hard worker. Thankfully, we share the same sense of humor, and even though he is not as expressive, Stephen is very introspective. He loves the Lord and is a real example of faithfulness, and has no desire to be part of the status quo.

In a world where men seem to be diminished to make way for women, I will gladly praise the two men who have made a pivotal difference in my life. May there be more like them.

May your weekend be full of laughter and cheese… and maybe some flowers too.

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