’Tis the Season for… Nothing Comes Easy

I had planned for this weekend. Stewed over logistics and how to make things go smoothly. This Sunday was going to be the busiest of the year.

You see, my oldest son got baptized this weekend. It was a decision he made entirely on his own, which makes me incredibly proud as his mom. For many people, baptism is an huge affair, complete with festivities. In our home it is a time of rejoicing, but a simple event, as one makes this decision to obey the Lord and be identified in Him.

On top of this, our 4 middles had a Christmas concert in the afternoon. Grandparents and great grandparents were in attendance. It was a beautiful concert, but it was not short. And tack a 30 minute drive on either end, consider your afternoon gone.

From the concert, we would head back to church to participate in the Live Nativity our church does. We invited the community and wanted to make sure that our primary allegiance was to our own church family. We love our church and we love our Lord. Nothing is an inconvenience in light of what Christ has done for us.

I don’t write these things to boast of myself. Or to complain. I simply continue to share what is reality because I believe that the truth sets us free from fake living that social media drives us to pursue.

Well, Sunday morning dawns and I do what I always do: get dinner going, dress babies and act like a cattle prod to move along “little doggies” that are sluggish. 9 rolls around and I am just heading to a much needed shower.

Stephen and I teach teen Sunday school at 9:30. I love it. But obviously I was short on time. I thrive in a challenge. Getting ready quickly is one of my acts of pride, because I like to regularly show my family through action that they take entirely too long getting ready in the morning. They have yet to learn from my example.

As I retreated from my shower to my room, I noticed a dripping from the doorpost to the bathroom. At this point, I knew, I knew, “Nothing Comes Easy” was making an appearance. On the absolute busiest day of the year.

I rush upstairs to find Ethan slightly panicked coming out of our second bathroom. The bathroom that now had a completely soaking wet marble floor and a toilet that could not stop running. So not only was my son baptized, but our bathroom was as well.

Fortunately, I already knew about this problem. Quickly fixed it and realized I am not making it to Sunday school. Plan B gets put into action. Get kids out the door and take care of the mess.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a ruinous mess while cleaning up that water. My oldest daughter helped and witnessed me sobbing. “I just need life to be easy one day, Lord. One day!” I cried.

I texted Stephen, and he came home like the superhero he is. In suit pants and white shirt he got fans going and helped with the aftermath. I cleaned myself up and prepared to celebrate my Ethan’s decision to be baptized.

Walked into my corporate sanctuary and immediately started sharing all the ridiculous details of why I bailed on Sunday school. Commiseration and laughter did me good. It was just water and a little sanity. All comes clean in time.

I held babies and fellowshipped and sang and “amened” and had a glorious time of worship with my church family. No airs of perfection. No covering of the catastrophe from earlier in the morning. We were dressed to respect, but more than happy to share our lives with others.

Driving with a car full of nervous musicians, some handle the stress better than others. Attitudes devolved on that drive to the concert. Nevertheless, I beamed at my children singing to Jesus and playing instruments. My evening was filled with thoughts of the Savior born all those years ago, in less than perfect circumstances. The evening went late as we fellowshipped with friends and family, old and new.

This is the way to live. Fully knowing life is not perfect, chalked full of the sin curse in its various formats. Not simply covering it up, but not letting light affliction ruin the beauty of the day. Because, it is oh so easy for me to go there too.

I went to bed late in a surge of aches and pains from the non stop day. Another reality of this cursed world. It was a day filled with tremendous ups and demoralizing downs. But my heart was full, having served and been served. Loved and loving others. Being reminded that redemption is not only a once and done, but a continuing work.

People, this is real life.

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