Franklin Post-Christmas Greetings 2019!

The hustle and bustle of this short Christmas season has been replaced with a quiet enjoyment of the blessings we have been given. As I sit in my jammies at noon-thirty reflecting on the year, I am so grateful for God’s hand on our lives.

Here’s a snippet of our year:

Natalie in her kayak.

Natalie is now 15 and a Sophomore at MBA. She loves sports and is playing both volleyball and basketball this year. When she isn’t playing sports, she’s watching them or working on her homework like it is a competitive event. We are starting to discuss college and futures and it is a sad and exciting time.

Mere at the coffee shop.

Meredith just turned 13 and is in 7th grade at CBCS. She enjoys playing her flute and basketball. She is funny and full of thoughts and just a unique personality. Her fashion sense is still impeccable.

Sophie and Ethan… best friends and worst enemies!

Sophie is 11 and in 6th grade. She plays both volleyball and basketball, but she really loves her trumpet. She reads voraciously and is growing to be as tall as her sisters!

Ethan is 10 and in 5th grade. He loves his legos and mischief and jokes. This year he was excited to be on both the soccer and basketball teams for school. He is a big help to me and his dad, and knows how to be a good big brother to Owen.

Evie hiking at High Cliff State Park!

Evelyn is 5. This has been quite the year for her as she started Kindergarten. It is all day, but she has a great teacher and is starting to read! Still smart as a whip. Still loves Paw Patrol. Still shy, but definitely braver when mom isn’t around. It is fun to watch her grow!

Laney is 2 and into everything. EVERYTHING. Toys are boring when there is actual stuff you can be making a mess with, or climbing on, or watching. She copies big siblings for better and worse. Laney still sucks her thumb and loves to cuddle T-shirts at naptime. Wild at heart but she loves her mom. I’m good with it.

Snuggling or smuggling? Probably both.

Owen is also 2. That’s what happens when you have twins. He loves to play with toys, especially trains and cars. Unfortunately, he is also up for any mayhem Laney gets into. So he stays busy. He’s a grumpy old man in a toddler body, and I think it’s charming.

Stephen is still amazing. I could brag on him and how he is running the business while my dad builds a house. Or how he is also helping the church a lot since our Pastor resigned. Or how he tries to make most of the kids’ sport events. But I won’t, because he does not want to be praised for any of these things.

16 years and still oh so happy!

I’m chasing people. Twins tornadoes. Teen athletes. Really children of all ages. I read and clean and try to write and clean some more and drive all over the place and try to conjure dinner from thin air. It’s a crazy time in our lives, but I love it.

My view most days.

The greatest gift we have been given is another year to walk with our Savior. Another year of learning more about Him and allowing Him to change us from the inside out. It is exciting and messy and satisfying.

Here’s to another year of life under the sun! May your eyes be open to the fullness of the riches we have in Christ this year!


Stephen and Leah and Family

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