Get in the Word.

We live in a great age. Information is more accessible than any other time in the course of civilization, Creation being the exception.

I can open my browser and type in any topic and find articles and stories and news related to that subject. Fifty years ago, this seemed impossible. Today it is reality.

But there is a problem that comes into the world of endless data and words. Where is the source? Is it reliable? Is it bias? Perceptions also can mar… truth is really a needle in a haystack in our generation.

So where do we turn? How do we find honest to goodness facts in a world that is so subjective, so individualistic, so relativistic. It’s just so… ick.

If you are a Christian of any sort, most likely, you know the answer. The Word of God is a believer’s primary guide, not only to truth itself, but to sifting through all the “stuff” we are taught on this planet.

And in this age where we can get God’s Word in almost any language, hundreds of translations, and even original language codex, we are so illiterate and unskillful in this amazing Guide.

We take little snippets- a verse here, and a verse there. A well designed meme or subway art. A truthful quote from a personality or spiritual guide. We turn these into our meat when really they are just droplets of milk.

I’ll be the first in line to admit, I have treated the Bible as a go to to find a little something for a spiritual boost instead of an actual meal. I’ve nibbled and not fully eaten and thought I was getting satisfaction.

In reality, I was living on meager rations compared to what God has given in His Word. And honestly, I thought it was all I could take in. I mean, I am a woman. Deep theological thought is man’s role, isn’t it? I’m supposed to be busy with my household responsibilities and just subsist on dainty morsels. The whole of Scripture is a man-sized meal.

But really God makes no delineation for how well men or women are to know the Scriptures. We are simply told to feast. We are commanded to obey it. We are urged to love it. These are not gender specific instructions.

And I will tell you, consistent Bible study hasn’t been an easy habit for me. It is hard to want to read the Word when you’ve been up half the night with a fussy baby. It is more scintillating to open Facebook or Insta and catch up on what your friends are doing. There are chores to do and mouths to feed and work to go to and people to drive around… there is life to be done.

And cracking open this Book in a time and place where you can actually give it the attention it deserves? Yeah, right.

We have excuses galore…. but do we love God more?

Desire will make things happen. We make time for what we love. I make time for my kids. I will drop almost anything if my husband says, “Let’s go out tonight.” Putting aside chores to read that latest novel or watch the newest show… yes please!

It hurts to say, but here it is: If we love God we will make time for Him. We will put aside time to worship Him with other believers. We will stop our hectic pace to pray. We will prioritize learning more of Him in His Word. Because we truly love our Creator.

And maybe you already do these things. Perhaps you are checking off that list and still finding these disciplines tedious. I know I have.

I am hoping to help you here, sister. In the past few years, the Word of God has become more precious to me than it ever has been before. It didn’t happen by chance or just trying harder, but through a renewing of my mind that I am still in the process of. It has been exciting and life changing and I hope to share some of that journey with you.

It’s a new year. A new page has turned and we get to start fresh. Make sure that you prioritize truth as you wade through this world of misinformation. Get in the Word.

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