Ladies’ Bible Study/ Book Club!

Have you ever read something so helpful and profound that you found yourself becoming obnoxious to share it with others? Is that just a book nerd thing?

Well, it happened to me. Somehow I ran across a book that has been so perfect for my current circumstances. Well, not somehow- God directs these things. I want so desperately to share… so I am doing something about it.

Picture by Sophia Franklin
Picture by Sophia Franklin

I’m changing my church Bible Study to a book club for a few months. Because of people still social distancing for health reasons, I wanted to make this available to everyone who is interested.

“So what is this great book?” Glad you asked. Suffering is Never for Nothing by Elisabeth Elliot. It is a six chapter book. Her style is easy to read, yet so much of what she writes/speaks just digs to the heart of the matter. She doesn’t dodge the hard questions.

Right now, I do not know of a single person in my acquaintance that is not in the middle of a trial right now. For me, since March, many of the sure things in my life are faltering. It is unnerving, but I know that God is accomplishing something in the midst of hard things.

So join me. Our first in-person study will be August 1. I will be posting the same study on my blog and YouTube channel on the 4th. As we go through the book, you will get the lesson three days after it happens in real life. Links will be forthcoming.

The book is available at Amazon, Christian Book, Revive Our Hearts, Lifeway… all over the place!

Ligonier Ministries has Elisabeth Elliot’s original video series along with a study guide for free here. I don’t blame you if you’d rather hear it from her directly. I know I am enjoying it immensely.

The hard truths we learn from the school of suffering are so beneficial. It doesn’t mean life should be a continual drag, or that we ought to be begging for trials. It doesn’t mean we will ever know the purpose for our pain on this side of Heaven. We can, though, learn to see them as a tool in the hands of a loving God.

Stay tuned.

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